are you still looking for the magic fairy, who can manage to make the most of your wedding location?

no matter if it is a historical castle, a romantic flower meadow, an elegant dining hall or maybe a cozy parlour in the country, there is a multitude of creative options to make the best possible out of the place you have chosen. very often you only need a few small details to create a harmonious ambiance - depending on the choice of theme and your budget.

I would love to support you during the preparations with any creative ideas that I have and to organize all or if desired a small part of the decorations. for me decorations do not only consist of flower arrangements. very often it is the small details that brighten up a place and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere - the right lighting, coherent and stylish colour combinations, but also tiny decorative items for the bathrooms that are indispensable.

paying attention to every little detail is crucial to me. if you wish, I would be happy to be present at the festivities, so that I can answer any questions you or guests might have and make sure you have what you need at all times.


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