does this look familiar to you?

you find yourself standing if front of your dresser, which is bursting at the seams and you just don't have the right thing to wear? again!
maybe you just feel like changing your image, but you have no idea how to do it?
or maybe you have made a lot of spontaneous purchases lately and are feeling totally insecure?
or maybe you just do not have the time to shop for hours on end?

what could you do?

how about you get someone to help you with that? It is so much more fun to try on new outfits, to discover new stores or to clear out your wardrobe, when you have someone to do it with.

who and what is actually behind all that?

fashion has always been a great passion of mine. It all started with a tailor and textile manufacturer apprenticeship, which helped me learn the trade from scratch.

but the most important part of it all has to come from the soul:
my specific strengths lie in the intuitive ability to combine various items as well as in my feeling for colour. they help me create the perfect look regardless if it is sportive, businesslike or even a bit daring.
these days I accoutre models for photo shoots, am familiar with the hottest trends and with the most popular stores. furthermore I advise businesspeople and individuals on matters of style and fashion.

what's in it for you?

you can benefit from my long term experience. learn how to bring the best out in you, how to improve your personal style or just change your everyday look.
in addition you will get the know-how about the correct fit, quality and price as well as what you should pay the most attention to when you're shopping.

so what's the plan?

the wardrobe check:
we go together through all your clothes, sort out and arrange new outfit combinations. in the process of doing that we also discuss what is missing or needs to be added. we set different outfits for certain occasions so that you have all your options at hand once you need to make a decision. of course we can also take pictures of the most important combinations.

the shopping spree
at first we discuss which important basics are missing in your wardrobe. then we complement them with new matching alternatives. I would be happy to help, if you need assistance for a certain special occasion (e.g. a wedding, an important dinner, a prom, etc.)

who should feel approached on the topic?

my service addresses not only the ladies, but the gentlemen as well!
curious? don't wait! ask me to arrange an appointment or I can write a proposal.


a very personal gift idea perfectly suited for your best friend, who has been complaining about their overflowing wardrobe for ages; or maybe for your mom, who can totally use a few helpful suggestions for her holiday; or even for your husband, whose business outfits definitely could use a refreshment.

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