first impressions do matter!

the employee represents their company's image. It is exactly at important business meetings, when the professional aura creates a general impression of competency or incompetency. you can influence this initial perception of your personality and abilities, based entirely on the appearance, in a positive or negative way - depending on the clothing style, matching accessories and a well-groomed appearance.

when you decide what to wear every day, you take a crucial decision as to how much respect you show - not only to the people around you, but also to yourself. the reason for it is very simple - clothing is a non-verbal means of communication. this applies especially in business. the perfect business outfit should bring out and mirror your competency and reliability. depending on the industry and the occasion, there are a multitude of different codes and rules that each employee should necessarily be at least acquainted with.

the most common insecurities include:
what am I supposed to wear to an interview?
does the tie match the shirt?
should the colour of the belt match the colour of the shoes?
how "casual" can I afford to dress in my office?
which patterns and colours can I successfully mix and match?

ou do not need to be a fashion expert to be able to solve those problems confidently and with a sense of style.
being a successful fashion stylist, I accoutre models and celebrities. you can trust my versatile experience and profit from my well-grounded know-how.

In my seminar you can explore your possibilities and bring out the best in you.

the seminar for business clothing is designed for companies and individuals:
the participants obtain practical know-how about the perfect business outfit in the workshops.
what really matters to me is not only to give and explain the rules for the perfect outfit to the participants, but also to help them find their own personal style by means of various exercises. the latter should provide help in developing a feeling for the right combinations.
furthermore I give helpful advice as to the points that should be considered when shopping (i.a. quality guidelines, size specifications, price guidelines)

- definitions of suitable clothing depending on the industry, colour and pattern options
- basic knowledge on topics such as the correct fit and quality characteristics
- accessories - the oh-so-important "bits and pieces"
- exercises with sample items
- if desired, make-up advice for the ladies
- style-guide to take away, including an address list with hot shopping tips in the vicinity

duration: 4 hours

if desired, I will of course give concrete shopping suggestions or will visit you at home and perform a personal wardrobe-check.
curious? don't wait! ask me to arrange an appointment or I can write a proposal.