it all started with a tailor apprenticeship, which helped me learn the trade from scratch and over the years I have improved my professional skills continuously. I have gained insight in a variety of areas of fashion and lifestyle, predominantly design and project management. in my line of work I developed and accounted for entire collections.

furthermore I worked internationally as a model for ten years, which enabled me to explore different cultures, styles and get invaluable inspiration for my work.

all these facets of my experience intertwine and complement each other, making me the stylist, who knows exactly how to do the job.


due to my love for detail I set a high value
on the extraordinary. my personal goal is that all aspects of a project should be ideally coordinated.
individual traits of my signature include above all, perfect handling of different materials, being very good with my hands and having an expert eye for detail as well as a well-developed sense for colour and style.

I see myself as a deeply inspired all-rounder with a soft spot for fashion, decoration and plants.
my genuine drive to make everything look amazing runs in my blood. it is this special something, that comes from the soul and cannot be learnt.