have you already found your dream wedding dress, but you are still missing this special something to top it off?

this service is a very high priority for me and is primarily based on finding accessories that are not sold in retail.

nowadays a majority of the dresses have a hidden corsetry and show a lot of skin. due to this fact most of the brides tend to feel that they are showing too much skin and as a result they may feel uncomfortable. so, in this case, if you do not want to resort to the popular stoles and gloves, what you need is my help.

the focus is on creations that help decorate and accentuate the arm and shoulder area. In such cases we use, for example, special cuffs, modified with pearls, feathers or unconventional mixes of materials, specially designed purses or customized necklaces - of course, everything is made to match the wedding dress.

exceptional cuts exhibit the exquisite made-to-measure craftsmanship and give the dress the last touch. with our help even a plain dress would turn heads.
we would be glad to style your outfit according to your particular needs: for instance a classic cut for the wedding ceremony and jazz it up with tiny luxurious accessories, extravagant or chic - all to match your taste.
all the items are handmade by me and are usually either single items or part of a small collection. the prices may vary depending on the complexity and the materials.
curious? don't wait! ask me to arrange an appointment or I can write a proposal.


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